An Invitation from the Word of God

by | Aug 11, 2021

For some time now, I’ve been lackluster in my response to a gentle but consistent instruction from the Father.  He has simply asked me to prioritize His word and time in His Presence over everything else.  He hasn’t asked me to read 5 books of the Bible daily, fast or do an intensive study.  But I have been apathetic and disobedient to or maybe even just forgetful of his tender invitation.  

So in His gentle and kind way, Abba sent this word to me.  I received this scripture from 2 different friends, a podcast, a sermon and someone sitting behind me in a restaurant.  All in one week.  He’s so persistent in pursuit of us, isn’t He?

Whenever I’ve read this scripture in the past, it gave me the impression that I needed to “do more”.  But with a closer look, this scripture reveals an invitation to be examined by the living word of God.  His word has the power to reflect our inner lives- the nitty gritty of what we often cannot see in ourselves.  It dissects our hearts and leads us into the rhythms that continue to transform us into the likeness Jesus.  Being a doer of the word isn’t an action we have to muster but an identity we get put on.  No striving, no work.    I just have to stand in front of the mirror of the word with “doer of the word” cloaked over me and “let his Word become like poetry written and fulfilled by my life!”.

-Jessie D.