Blessed With Belief

by | Feb 10, 2021

Are you in a long period of wait? 

Maybe at times during the wait, it has been hard to remember the truth Father has spoken into your life. While at other times, it has been full of hope for a new beginning. Yet you seem to remain in a season of waiting.

Luke 1 tells us the story of Mary finding out that she would be pregnant with the Savior, and rushing to her aunt, Elizabeth, to tell her of the news. When the baby in Elizabeth’s womb hears Mary’s voice, he leaps with joy. Elizabeth then prophesies over Mary, telling her she was in the highest favor and that she would be carrying the child who would bring great delight. 

Luke 1:45 contains the last words of Elizabeth’s prophecy over Mary. Yet, when I read it, I don’t think of Mary right away, but rather of Elizabeth. Elizabeth, who waited years to carry a child and was beyond childbearing age, yet was miraculously pregnant with John. When Elizabeth asked the angel of the Lord, why her and why now, the angel responded by letting her know that she and Zechariah were needed to be the parents who would guide John to fulfill his purpose in the Lord. What hope! Father had not abandoned His promise that they would be parents, instead He entrusted them with the specific child that they, and only they, could raise to fulfill His purpose.

Friend, when it seems like the waiting is eternal and even when it seems hopeless,  remember the promises Father has spoken to you, the sweet whispers He has put in your ear. As we enter a new season, may we be blessed with the belief that the Lord will fulfill His promises, and may we see the sweet reward of our belief.  

  • -Sarah Beth S.