Partner With Us

The Garden is serving someone you know.

It’s the girl sitting on the same row with you each Sunday. She’s the girl in the next cubicle over. The cousin you love but only see a few times a year. The teacher who pours out her life into your child. The lady sitting on your board. The woman on the other end of the conference call. The girl on your worship team. It’s her.

You might not know she’s having trouble getting pregnant, or maybe you didn’t know she just miscarried. It’s not something that normally gets mentioned.  But every day, that sweet woman that you might not realize that is walking through the hardest season of her life is getting support through our ministry.

So many people ask us, “What can I do? How can I help?” It feels like a silly question when your friend or sister or family member just lost a baby or is staring at yet another failed fertility treatment.

Well, you can support this ministry. Your generous donation goes directly to help us to continue to connect women on the broken road to motherhood to healing and wholeness. We support and connect these women in many different ways.

We have Garden Gatherings once a month at The Davenport in Downtown Greer. We have a time of fellowship that’s so refreshing. There’s something powerful about being in a room full of women who “get it.” We don’t have to explain the treatments or shots or feelings of sudden grief that make their appearance. The women at these gatherings are fully known and fully understood. We worship together. Because we believe that praise and worship is our most effective weapon of warfare. We renew our minds with the Word of God through teaching. We believe that Jesus is perfect theology even when our circumstances could cause us to believe otherwise. Then we break up into small groups. Because after all, the vision of The Garden is to connect women to healing and wholeness. We think community, doing life together, is the most effective way to hold one another accountable in renewing our minds with Truth.

We have a Garden Online Group where hope is thrown out like confetti every day of the week. In our online group, we share encouragement each day that supports the current teaching series in The Garden Gatherings. We have special guests that teach via video. Our favorite days are Tuesdays when we share testimonies of healing from women in The Garden.

We also have Garden Grow Groups, that meet at the end of every Garden Gathering and each month in their leader’s home. We believe strongly that community is a vehicle that the Father uses to bring about healing in our lives. Garden Grow Groups meet every woman in The Garden exactly where there are in their journey to healing and wholeness. Garden Grow Groups stay connected and encourage each other weekly.

The vision of The Garden is to connect women on the broken road of motherhood to healing and wholeness. The Garden is a local, nonprofit ministry supporting women walking through the journeys of infertility, miscarriage, infant loss, and adoption. Your support of this ministry helps us to continue to serve these women and come alongside others who might be walking these journeys alone.

“What can I do for you?” you may ask your friend or sister or daughter or coworker. You can support this ministry as we continue to support her. You can make a difference in her life. Your donation and support of The Garden can make the darkest moments of her story glimmer with hope.


Everyone knows someone in their life The Garden is or could be serving.