Leaning In

by | Aug 17, 2022

This time of year is especially busy for my family. My husband teaches high school and college students, and I have three kids that are now in elementary school. We are all trying to adjust from the flexibility of summer, to our new routine and rhythm for the school year. I’m noticing more and more how exhausting transition into a new season can be. 

It’s trying to keep up, while at the same time letting go of the things I’d like to control. I love this passage from Matthew because Jesus is inviting me to rest by learning His unforced rhythms of grace. “Unforced” is defined as, “not produced by effort.” And when I think of the word “rhythm,” I think of a heartbeat. It is a consistent pattern of the sound of one’s heart. 

I think this verse takes my breath away because He is inviting me to just lean into Him. By leaning into Him I will naturally learn His heartbeat of grace. There is no striving when it comes to Him.  It’s simply being friends and keeping company with Him in our day to day where we learn His grace and His heart. 

So I believe we have an invitation this season to lean into Him as we learn His rhythm of grace. May we all learn to just sit and “keep company with Him” 

-Jenna M.