Letting Go of Control

by | May 12, 2021

I’ve been leaning into the Father lately to understand my need to control things.

At our last Garden Gathering, I talked about having a hard time letting someone else pack the car, because I need to know (control) where everything is. But the thing is, when I feel that I need to take control, I am believing a lie from the enemy that God isn’t good enough to handle the situation on my behalf.   

Friend, during this journey to becoming a mama, it is so easy to try and take control.  You can consume all the information available about your diagnosis, research all the different ways to improve your conception odds, sign up for all of the adoption groups in hopes of broadening your reach to find your baby, say yes to any foster care situation that comes up just so you can have a child in your home, or even research all the possible causes for why your baby died and how you could have prevented it.

Sweet friend, Father doesn’t want you to do any of these things. As His daughter, you command a seat at His side. Every desire of your heart is already laid bare for Him to see. Even when you can’t see anything happening in the physical, He is doing so much in the spiritual. When you attempt to take control over a situation or circumstance, you take away from Him and you take away from your relationship with Him.

So whatever it is you are trying to control today, this week, this season… let it go. Hand it to Father and let Him do what only He can do.  I can promise you the reward for your trust and patience is far greater than what you are even dreaming of.   

It’s not about the baby, it’s not about controlling every detail.  It is about leaning into Him, trusting Him, and finding within Him a safe place to hide and be nourished while He works all the details out.

-Sarah Beth S.