Nothing is Wasted

by | Oct 25, 2019

Nothing is ever wasted in the Kingdom.

God doesn’t waste a single second of your pain. The loss and disappointment of your story will not for a moment be wasted. God doesn’t cause the pain and disappointment in our story. There is an enemy at play, that steals, kills, and destroys. But the Word of God says that what the enemy means for evil, God turns to good.

It’s almost incomprehensible, His goodness. It doesn’t make sense how He can take the most devastating of circumstances and somehow bring about good from them. I think somewhere along the way, because of God’s brilliant way of redeeming circumstances, He gets blamed for them to begin with. But the truth is that He makes whole the broken places of our lives, and the ashes of our story, He brings forth such incredible beauty.

My friend, Jeffie, says, “He redeems things to such a great degree, one would think He caused it to begin with.”

Every time I see loss in someone’s story, or stare disappointment in the face in my own story, I remember those words. And I have seen it for myself. He does redeem things to such a great degree.

This verse brings so much comfort to those who love God. Because it’s a promise we can hold onto in the midst of devastating pain or uncomprehending heartbreak. He will bring about good into our lives. Every single time.

Nothing is wasted, friends.