Our Wounded Healer

by | Mar 31, 2021

Father’s been speaking to me lately about the wounds that I carry.

I think sometimes we almost get comfortable with being wound-carriers, hesitant and reserved to go to Abba with them. We begin to believe lies from the enemy that tell us we are defined by these wounds, and trick us into thinking we’re relinquishing control if we don’t get to bare them anymore. We think that Abba is a Father who can’t relate to us.

The enemy makes us feel isolated and alone, full of shame and grief as he names us by these wounds…and we take them on as our identity, which makes it harder to release them. So we choose to carry our wounds instead of taking them to the WOUNDED HEALER.

These words pierced my heart straight to the core this week as I really reflected on Him being the one who heals, but also how He’s a healer that’s covered in wounds of His own. We easily forget that Jesus came to earth as a human and suffered every single hurt, and felt every emotion imaginable. He encountered pain, He encountered loss, He encountered heartache, He encountered abuse, He encountered every raw emotion we feel too. And because He has experienced these things, just as we do, He can relate to us and our wounds. He isn’t a distant God who has only ever known Heaven and peace and joy. He’s faced every single thing we have faced, and will face. 

Are you carrying wounds of rejection or abandonment?

He’s encountered that too.

Are you carrying wounds of being lied to?

He’s encountered that too.

Are you carrying wounds of someone not forgiving you?

He’s encountered that too.

Are you carrying wounds of grief and loss?

He’s encountered that too.

All He wants us to do is walk with Him, sit with Him, and hold onto Him as we feel all the things He felt. They aren’t unfamiliar to Him. He just wants our whole heart. Our vulnerability. Our rawness. Our groans and cries. Our everything. And oh, how He loves and comforts us in the midst of it all! 

And as I reflect on the cross this week of Easter, I am overwhelmed thinking about our wounded Healer—how blood poured from His head, His hands, His feet, and His side to completely cover our wounds. What a weight lifted to think that I don’t have to carry these wounds. That I wasn’t created to be a wound-carrier, but a wound-releaser! He wants to cover each wound in His beautiful, cleansing blood. He wants me to walk in chain-breaking, healing freedom as I relinquish every single one to Him.

Will you walk with me today in freedom believing this too? And thank Jesus, our wounded Healer, for being our wound-healer.

-Sara D.