Same God

by | Mar 23, 2022

Over the years Father has been inviting me into deeper intimacy. He has revealed Himself to me in ways that I never imagined. Through different circumstances and seasons in my life I’ve come to know Him as Father, Papa, Friend, Lover, Jehovah Shalom, and Shepherd. I know these names aren’t the end of Him, or all that He is, but I’ve come to know Him, His character, and His nature through these intimate moments as He’s introduced me to these different parts of His heart. He’s familiar, safe, and known.

But Father has been reminding me lately of His Holiness. Knowing Him so intimately and feeling so comfortable and familiar with each other is exactly what He longs for, but there’s this beautiful tension of knowing Him so intimately while at the same time knowing that He is the God of heaven and earth.

Sometimes I forget just how big, above me, and glorious He is. I put Him in this small safe box so that I can feel close to Him, and He’s on my level. But all of Isaiah 40, and especially the words in verse 28 remind me that my Creator, God, is seated in heaven. He’s not pacing the floor wondering what will happen next or what His next move will be. He is seated, and because my God is seated on His throne in heaven despite the chaos swirling in the world right now, I get to be seated too.

I am invited to posture my heart, surrender my soul and anxious flesh, and simply rest knowing that my God in heaven never grows weary, never tires out. He is the same God who spoke life into existence, the same God who walked with Adam and Eve in the garden, the same God who brought the Israelites out of Egypt, the same God who met Hagar on the side of the road in her darkest moment. He’s the same God that gave me my husband, put miracle babies in my womb, and meets me in my darkest moments again and again. He is forever faithful. Yesterday, today, and forever.

So I’m resting with my feet up today, knowing that the same God who put every star in the sky and knows each one by name, knows mine too.

-Jessi B.