Spirit-Filled Eyes

by | Sep 23, 2020

I read this verse and had a vision of me wandering through a cave…the cave seemed fascinating as I explored, but also “normal” and something I felt like I had seen before. I kept hearing a voice say, “There’s more here for you to see and receive, daughter.”  Then I closed my eyes and asked Father to reveal to me what He wanted me to see—with new, awakened, spiritual eyes. When I opened them again, hidden jewels and treasures were covering the cave walls, spilling over in abundance. It was bursting with bright light and color—the beauty was overwhelming and I reveled at what I had been missing all along. I thought I had taken in all I was supposed to see when I first explored the cave, but there was so much more. So much beauty, richness, and plentiful treasure I was missing. 

Every time I read the Word, I pray that He gives me those new spirit-filled eyes and stirs a longing in me to receive all He has for me. And every time I read, I’m always in awe of what is unveiled to me…it’s exactly what He knew I needed.

I pray we all have new eyes to see what’s “hidden” as we read the Word so that we can soak up what Holy Spirit is trying to pour into us. I pray that He stirs a deep desire in our hearts to see the “miracle-wonders” within His word.