The Father of Lights

by | Nov 10, 2021

Recently, a dear friend of mine went through a tragic loss. I have grieved with her and been left questioning so many things about the Father’s involvement in her situation.  I’ve asked Him things I still don’t have answers to.

But in the haziness of this fallen world, I can reset my gaze by the truth of His Word. He gives good and perfect gifts. If what I’m seeing isn’t good and perfect, I need to keep unwrapping or it isn’t from Him. 

There is no hidden shadow or darkness in Him. He is light, through and through. Unlike man, His mind, nature and character won’t change. He remains the same– trustworthy, faithful, and kind. He isn’t bipolar and He doesn’t play favorites. 

If I’m burdened with questions, He provides Himself as the answer. It may not upturn every theological stone in my mind, but sitting in His light satisfies my soul’s longing and presses pause on my frantic pursuit of clarity. I can stop grasping at straws and cling tightly His steadfast nature. 

– Jessie D.