The Father’s Hands

by | Aug 18, 2021

Lately I have been thinking about the hands of the Father.

Recently, I had been praying and meditating about the hands I was releasing my cares into. Patient hands. Secure hands. Strong hands. Loving hands.

I was sharing it with a few close friends and one of them told me she saw me sitting in the Father’s hands. The way she described me was that I was holding myself. In that moment I caught a glimpse of truth. 

I realized that I do hold myself. Not in a peace and love, hippy-kind of way, but rather when I’m laying in bed, I’m tense. When I should be relaxed at the end of the night, my shoulders hold the tension of the day. I have to intentionally work through my body to relax and remind my soul that our family is in good hands. 

The truth came to set me free from the idea that I have to hold myself because the Father is doing a great job of holding me. He’s a master at it! No matter how dismal your situation, when you place yourself in the Father’s hands, you will always be in good and loving hands.

-Blanca G.