The God Who Will Never Leave

by | Mar 17, 2021

“The hour is dark

And it’s hard to see

What You are doin’ here in the ruins

And where this will lead

Oh, but I know

That down through the years

I’ll look on this moment and see Your hand on it

And know You were here

And I’ll testify of the battles You’ve won

How You were my portion when there wasn’t enough

And I’ll testify of the seas that we’ve crossed

The waters You parted, the waves that I’ve walked

Singing, oh-oh-oh, my God did not fail (Yeah)

Oh-oh-oh, it’s the story I’ll tell

Singing, oh-oh-oh, I know it is well

Oh-oh-oh, it’s the story I’ll tell”

-The Story I’ll Tell by Maverick City Music

These words have been running nonstop through my mind for a few weeks.

It is so hard to see what Father is doing when you are in the middle of a mess. A mess can be overwhelming and distracting but this song has been reminding me that He is with me in the mess. He’s never left me. He is my portion when there isn’t enough. It’s His promise found throughout scripture– He’ll never leave, never!

And oh, what a story we will be able to tell when it is finished!! We know our God will be victorious.

If you look, you will see the light at the end of the tunnel.

He is the light. Look to Him.

-Mary Elizabeth A.