The Power of Being Near

by | Aug 13, 2019

Last week I was on my knees crying out to God in the middle of so much pain. I haven’t felt disappointment that deeply in quite some time. So many voices were clamoring for my attention. I was desperate. Desperate for relief, desperate for breakthrough, but more than anything desperate to hear His voice.

I’ve walked with Him long enough to know that it just takes one word from His mouth for everything to change. One word of His can literally shift impossible circumstances to become possible. I was desperate to hear from Him. And just like He always does, He met me there in the middle of my pain.

“I am with you,” I felt Him whisper to me.

“But I don’t want you to be with me,” I said, “I want you to fix this.”

I felt His nearness closer than ever before. I picked myself up off the ground and throughout the day I had an amazing revelation of what I had just encountered.

The nearness of God is more powerful to us than any other thing. His presence is the answer to every question we’re longing to have answered and every need our heart is longing for. I didn’t realize in the moment of deep pain that He was reminding me that Him being near, was actually more powerful than Him fixing my problem.

I think we know in our heads that “God is with me and He’ll never forsake me.” It’s a different understanding that with our hearts. It’s in His presence where we find the fullness of joy. It’s in His nearness where our hearts are shielded and protected. It’s His closeness that comforts our aching hearts.

This verse has been my verse throughout this year. His left hand cradles my head and His right hand holds me close. Being that near to Him is the only way I can rest in His love.

Let your heart truly know the value of His presence today. And whatever pain, disappointment, loss, or fear you may find yourself facing today, know the answer is found in His presence.

Lean back, sweet girl, and rest in His love.