Vulnerability in Community

by | Oct 13, 2021

Lately the Father has been highlighting what being vulnerable means.

It’s not hard for me to be honest. I’m a genuinely honest person. However, being vulnerable would be allowing my true self to be seen and exposed in a way that will allow healing to take place when needed. It’s letting those that l trust call me out when I need to work on something in myself or my life. It’s being open with the people who tell me when I’m wrong and have real, loving and kind conversations with me— even though they may be uncomfortable, because they know I’ll at least hear them out. I have small group of people that get to see that side of me, and I of them.

When praying about this and asking the Father to show me why, at times, I find it hard to be truly open and vulnerable with my community, He showed me that so much of it comes from a fear of rejection. Rejection from being liked or included, and a fear of disappointing people around me that I love and care about.

So what does it mean? It means I start dealing with the hard parts of why I am so afraid of rejection. It’s a chance for me to find healing and make the connection from my head to my heart. It means I spend time in the word reading what He says is the truth. It may even mean that I seek counseling for a way to process through any events that are keeping me from being honest and allowing those in my inner circle to see my real self.

Even though being vulnerable can be scary, I know the Father has placed this community in my life to help me grow and to become more like Him.

-Faith B.