Where His Love Has Not Yet Gone

by | Aug 29, 2019

I used to sing this song as a kid from Psalty the Singing Songbook. It’s actually how I remembered the reference. Any Psalty fans out there?! My almost ten year old mostly cringes when I make my kids listen to him, but I know he’ll thank me one day when he needs to look up this verse! Haha!

This year my prayer has been, “Father, make my heart wholly yours.” Fully known, fully seen, and even then fully loved. I’m sure you’ve heard it a lot from me this year. But if I want a heart that is fully His, I have to know that I am first fully loved in order to be willing to show Him the parts of my heart that I wouldn’t dare Him to enter.

I had this revelation this morning with this passage that the places in my heart that aren’t full of love and light, simply haven’t seen or encountered the love of God yet. Because if they had, they would be love. Because God is love.

I wonder how many of us have places in our hearts vacuum sealed, so that God wouldn’t come into see. The problem with that is that if He isn’t allowed in those places of pain, His love isn’t allowed there either.

I know it feels scary, believe me, but why don’t you ask Papa God to illuminate any dark places of your heart that you haven’t allowed Him to enter? Maybe it’s that painful childhood memory. Maybe it’s that moment in the hospital, or the time in the bathroom floor. Maybe it’s disappointment and you’ve just closed the door to never hope again. I’m not sure what yours is, but I know God’s love cannot come in to heal and cover if you don’t first let Him in.

Deep places of pain only exist because they haven’t encountered His love. Invite His love into them today.