Yet I Will Worship

by | Jul 14, 2021

Isn’t it funny how we have our plans in life and then something almost always comes in and changes them?

Originally I planned on writing about closing on our new house. However, that didn’t happen as planned. Not only did it not happen, but our closing got pushed out a month. Since we already sold our house that left us to stay in a hotel for two weeks and take a mini vacation to go see my family back in Massachusetts; pros and cons to a tough situation. I can get overwhelmed easily and stressed out quickly. The reality that we were suddenly thrown into almost caused me to spiral.

But then I remembered, worship changes everything. 

When we worship, we’re taking our focus off of our circumstances and turning to the One who holds it all. Because despite what we’re going through, and what life looks like around us, Father is still good, He’s still faithful, He’s still who He says He is and nothing will ever compromise that. He will finish what He started.

When I put on my favorite worship playlists (I like to play them loud!) I notice that I’m smiling, I’m joyful and everything else just fades away. My heart posture has shifted from focusing on me, to fixating on Him. The best part is, He always speaks to me and tells me what I need to hear in those moments. 

So friend, no matter what you’re going through right now, I encourage you to take time alone and worship Him. Especially if you don’t want to, that’s when it’s the most powerful.

-Whitney W.