Your Legacy

by | Feb 8, 2023

Dear women of The Garden,

You will leave a legacy.  If you are part of this community, it is because you have the heart of a mother.  You have been entrusted with the care and guidance of the next generation.  Whether you bear a child from your own womb, adopt, foster or just love on others in your community, you are leaving a legacy.  This scripture is precious to me because Paul is remembering the sincere faith of these women.  It has clearly been instilled in Timothy.  He says “for this reason I remind you to fan into flame the gift of God”.  The gift here wasn’t the faith-filled women but the Spirit.  I love this because it shows the weightiness and importance of a legacy of faith.  It has eternal qualities, faith.  And it affects those around us.  But faith has to be ignited by the Spirit.  So there is no pressure for us, just invitation.  It’s an invitation to live a life in faith—  kindling for the one who can set the world on fire with His power and love.  You matter.

Dear one, I bless you with strength to live in unwavering faith and with a revelation of your identity as daughter.  I bless you and your children and your children’s children.  I bless your generations to come with a holy spark that will ignite the faith-legacy you leave behind.

-Jessie D.