Your Way is Better

by | Nov 17, 2021

I recently remembered a funny story my Mom told me last summer.

She said there was a man in her building who was always friendly with her and who also frequently smelled like alcohol. Recently he leaned in close to say something and she could clearly smell the alcohol. In her very broken English, along with some hand motions, she basically told the man “You smell, you like to drink huh?” He could only respond with wide eyes, like I did as she told her story. Even in written form that looks harsh. All I could say was “Mami!” Friends, if you could see this old Mexican mama tell the story with her hands, you would find it hilarious! My mom often tells me that children and the elderly have much in common. In this case, no filter.

Soon after she saw the man again, he looked cleaned up and didn’t smell like alcohol.

This was my kairos moment, God can use anyone to set you free. He is all-knowing and many times my thinking is limited by my five senses. Since He knows everything I get to trust Him. His results will always yield more!

Are we promised breakthrough? Yes.
Do we get to choose how and through who it comes? No.

Jesus, your way is better.

-Blanca G.