Fallow Ground

by | Aug 31, 2023

So often, I have asked God for a new season, blessing or heart desire. I do this confidently because I know that God loves to give good gifts to His children. But He is a God of process and preparation. He sees the “fallow” ground in us – ready for His hands to crumble the dry earth and quench it – prepare it for the seed. This community is full of women desiring children and growing families. But are we women desiring the process that leads to fruitfulness? The word “fallow” means land that is plowed but is left unsown for a season for the purpose of restoring its fertility. Sometimes when the Father “digs around” in our hearts, it’s hard and painful. But what if we stopped resisting, let the ground rest and then started tilling with Him?

Side Note: One way to do this deep work with the Father is joining in with authentic and consistent community. If you desire discipleship and fruitful relationships, join in our Group Me conversation. We want to walk through this season with you.

-Jessie D.