Abba’s Compassionate Heart

by | Jan 12, 2022

Earlier this week, my one-year old daughter had a little accident at home and fell. She immediately began to scream and cried out “Mama, Mama!” as I ran to her and comforted her in my arms. Her face was bruised from where she hit the wall and though she was giggling and acting like her old self within five minutes, it absolutely broke my heart to see her scared and in pain.  It was truly my honor to hold her, bring her comfort, and make her feel safe until she had calmed down and was ready to walk again. I feel this way every time she needs comforting, but Father used this specific incident this week to remind me of something…

I was rocking her to sleep that night, as I always do, before bed.  I sing to her as I rock her each night, and sometimes I sing worship songs, while other times I just sing words that Holy Spirit gives me in the moment.  That night, I started singing these words over her as they came to me:

“Oh how He loves me, He loves me.
Oh how He cares for me, He cares for me.
Oh how His heart is moved for me, it’s moved for me.” 

As I sang these words over and over, I began to weep.  I walked out of her nursery after she was asleep with my face just soaking wet with tears.  I was reflecting on how my heart felt to see my little girl any time she is in pain or scared, searching for her parent to come and comfort her…and I was moved to tears thinking of Abba’s heart for His children.  I began to think of all the pain in the world that He not only sees, but FEELS deep within His Papa heart for EVERY single child of His.  A parent can’t help but feel what their child feels, and He gave us that connection to them for such a purpose. It’s such a parallel to His heart over all of us.  When He sees His children suffering, it profoundly moves His compassionate, merciful heart and He just longs for us to run straight into His arms so He can be our comforter.

 I think sometimes we forget this.  We forget how intimate His feelings are for and over us.  We forget how undone His heart is when we are walking through trials and suffering, and He is watching His children experience pain and heartache.  We fail to reflect just on He deeply loves us…how deeply He cares for us…how deeply His heart is moved for us.  We forget that all He wants us to do is call out “Daddy, Daddy” and run to His arms for comfort and safety, until our feet are steady and we’re ready to walk again. It is His honor to do so, and He is always ready and waiting to be our place of rescue, our place of peace, our place of renewed strength. 

Thank you Abba, for reminding me of your tender, compassionate heart over your children and how extravagant your love is over us. Thank you for reminding me that I don’t have to wander when I am scared and hurting…but that I can always run straight into your arms, my secret and steady place, where I can always be comforted and you’ll hold me as long as I need.  I can’t wait to meet you there again.

-Sara D.