Stay With God

by | Jan 5, 2022

A new year has started and with it a fresh hope from Father!

I started 2022 with a passionate desire in my heart and a fire to see Him move in a mighty way in the land of the living this year! As the hours and days of 2022 began to tick by, news about sick friends and family members and notifications about quarantine restrictions flooded in from the workplace.  My husband couldn’t find chicken at the store, and the news started with their daily count again.  It felt like we were 3 days in and already sliding back into the familiar fearful patterns of the last two years.

I sat with Him last night and read through journals, highlights, and notes of the last year. I closed my eyes to listen closely to Him and block out all of the noise and I came across the above verse and the words “stay with God” repeated over and over again in my head.

You see, He is gathering His remnant. Those that will recognize His whisper through the noise. The ones that will stay with God when the rest of the world turns it’s back. The remnant’s sound of praise and warfare worship will become louder than the noise. And what if the war cries of the remnant don’t just quiet the noise but turn the noise of the world into a beautiful heavenly song that moves the heart of God in 2022!

So choose to stay with God this year. Choose hope. Choose courage.  Choose to worship. Take heart, He IS on the move!

-Haley S.