Contentment in Chaos

by | Sep 29, 2021

Am I the only one who feels like life has been so chaotic lately?

There is so much noise in my life. The news, social media, and t.v. are constant reminders of the chaos in the world. I’ve started avoiding the news because honestly it all felt too much to me with the endless debates over politics, healthcare, religion and law. But even once I got rid of the outside noise, I began to realize my own personal life was quite chaotic. I’ve been working in healthcare during a pandemic for the past year and a half (need I say more?) but on top of that, I’ve had other stress in my own life.  On my way home one day, I had finally had enough and screamed out to God, “Lord how do I find any contentment in this chaos?  I appreciate the life I have, Lord, but I am not content. Please put me at peace!”

The next week, I was sorting and putting away baby clothes because we are getting ready to welcome our first child very soon via adoption. I was singing, dreaming, and felt giddy like a child as I organized the nursery. I was lost in my own thoughts– my own world of happy contentment. My husband walked in and started talking of future plans with our miracle child and we laughed and sat in our haven of hope (aka- nursery). Several hours flew by and we found ourselves looking at each other and saying “Wow, this feels good!” The stress of the world and our circumstances left us briefly. The stress of our jobs, our financial struggle, our recent miscarriage, and health issues were no longer on the forefront of our minds. For a few hours, the world was silent and we talked and dreamed in complete peace and contentment. The Lord had lifted the weight off of our shoulders and gave us the gift of peace for those few hours.

That gift of peace and contentment felt amazing! Of course the stresses of everyday life didn’t just disappear and the world is still chaotic and loud, but that gift of peace gave me a glimpse into what the Father desires for us. I had forgotten what it sounds like when the noise is turned off, but this is what Father wants for His children! He wants us to live in His peace being completely content with Him.  And that comes when we, His children, are kneeling at His feet, touching the hem of His garment in absolute awe of our Father God. He is a good Father and this is what He wants for us…to be completely content in Him.

Despite the circumstances that are surrounding you, He desires for you to find contentment in the chaos. This can look different for everyone–you can find contentment by noticing the small everyday things that we take for granted, or maybe the excitement of awaiting the adoption of your child. Find contentment. And if you’re having a hard time finding it, ask your heavenly Father to help you. Even if it’s only for a short, quiet moment it feels so good. And it feels so good to be His daughter. 

-Kelley K.