Letting God Lead Your Heart

by | Jun 2, 2021

Lately I have been thinking a lot about fear. How fear can cause us to be paralyzed or push us to conquer. 

Two years ago my son wouldn’t even go in a swimming pool, he was so fearful of the water and going under. He would even cry when his feet touched the pool. Today, I watched him jump off the deep end and swim around for hours! He was filled with so much joy and excitement and he didn’t want to leave! With the right tools, he was able to accomplish something that now brings him so much joy and happiness.

There are so many unknowns in life— so many “what if’s” that can cause fear. But what if we were so fearful that we didn’t follow the Father’s path for us? What if He opened doors for you to apply for a new job and you didn’t because you were comfortable where you were? What if you settled for just ok in life because the unknown was too scary? 

When we allow fear in, we aren’t only disobeying the word of God but we are allowing it to be the leader of our heart instead of God! But when we look to God’s word, He gives us the exact tools we need to not only overcome, but to thrive in spite of the fear.

Friends, I know it’s scary to jump in but I promise that you will be blown away by the joy you’ll find when you trust the one who created you! You won’t have to sit on the side, instead you’ll be filled with immeasurable joy and peace from above! 

Don’t give in to the fear! 
Give in to the Giver!

-Faith B.