The Passionate Love of God

by | Apr 21, 2021

I’ve been hard on myself lately because life can be a real struggle sometimes. 

Do you ever find yourself projecting your feelings about yourself onto the Father, assuming He’s frustrated or disappointed with you and the way you’re handling life’s circumstances? Breaking off that lie is something I am currently walking through. It’s tough not putting our worldly perspectives on a Heavenly Father. 

I wrote this at the leadership retreat this weekend and I hope it will serve as a resounding reminder for you. 

He is proud of me…

  • Regardless of my struggles
  • Regardless of my fears
  • Regardless of my hesitations 
  • Regardless of my doubt 
  • Regardless of my questioning

He is proud of me and ALWAYS sees me the same way, as His precious daughter–regardless of it all.

This truth is for you too, my friend. No matter how far you go, no matter how deeply you mess up, no matter how many times you ask forgiveness for the same thing, there is nothing you could ever do or say that will separate you from the passionate love of God. 

Soak in that truth with me today. 

-Whitney W.