Waiting On Tiptoes

by | Aug 3, 2022

One of my little girl’s favorite things to do is check our mail.  She loves for me to carry her down the driveway in my arms and then she’ll open the mailbox as she shrieks, “Open Mommy, see what’s inside!” 

Last week it was raining one day and she was playing inside with her big cousins, so I ran outside to get the mail by myself.  As I was stepping back onto our front porch, I see her eyes peeping through the glass in the front door.  She’s on her tiptoes, looking out and waiting for me to come back.  I kneel down and press my face to the glass and say “My love! There’s my beautiful daughter!” and I hear her say, “It’s Mommy! Hey Mommy, I see you! It’s my Mommy!”  We shared kisses through the glass and she giggled.  When I opened the door, I picked her up and embraced her with a big hug.

A few days later, I was reading through Romans 8 in my quiet time, and I began to re-read verses 18 and 19 over and over.   The picture of my sweet girl, standing on her tiptoes in eager anticipation, came to my mind and I began to think about Abba’s return. The day that our suffering is forever replaced with His glory. 

Not only are we as believers yearning to be with Him, but this verse reminds us that ALL of creation is longing for Him.  EVERY single thing He made is waiting for the moment when He returns and all will be made right.  Every part of His creation is standing on tiptoes, anticipating the day that His sons and daughters are unveiled and His Glory is revealed! The day that the tension, chaos, and warfare of sin in this world will be demolished and our suffering ends! It is so easy for our hope to be stolen by the enemy because our focus is short-sighted…but we have a Messiah who will return, as He promised! 

I looked out into my backyard and just saw creation with new eyes as I thought about how everything around me He created is craving to be united with Him. It brought me to tears. And then my heart began to long for Him even more. 

I began to think about those big blue eyes staring at me through the front door, as she stood on her tiptoes, and how all I want to do is shepherd her precious heart. All I want is for her to crave and deeply long for Jesus. All I want is for me and my husband to raise her to encounter the unmatched love of Abba—a love and hope like no other—and for us all to yearn for Him with eager anticipation as we wait for His Glory to be revealed! All I want is for her to be an unveiled daughter of the King. And all I want are those same things for me. For you. ????

Oh how I long to hear HIS voice call out, “My love! There’s my beautiful daughter!” as I am taken into His arms and say, “It’s My Father! I see you, Father!” ????

-Sara D.